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Don't Delay; Get Your Chicks at FFH Today!

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Don't Delay; Get Your Chicks at FFH Today!

Family Farm & Home is the place to go for all of your poultry needs! We offer a large variety of chickens including the following breeds: Isa Browns, Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, and Jumbo Cornish Rock Cross.

Isa Browns: This breed of chickens is known as being the best brown egg layer. All other types of egg laying breeds are compared to the Isa Browns. Browns are bred for their fantastic large egg size, which is about 62 to 65 grams. They have a high livability ranking of over 97% and on average produce about 321 eggs in a hen house environment (based on a 76 week timeline).

Rhode Island Red: This breed is also a successful brown egg layer. These breed is great for an all purpose flock as they're hardy and great to eat.

Barred Rocks: A favorite for many years! This breed is great for both laying brown eggs, as well as for eating. Give them a try this year!

Jumbo Cornish Rock Cross: If you're raising chickens mainly for their meat, this is your breed. They're bred for quick growth, broad breasts, thighs and legs. This bird will meet all of your expectations and be ready to dress out in six to eight weeks.

Whether you're just getting started or you're an expert at raising birds, you'll find all of your supplies here at Family Farm & Home. Our large assortment of feeds, lamps and litter will make this process easy. Not to mention, our great prices will have you feeling accomplished, knowing you've received the best bang for your buck.

Did You Know? Family Farm and Home also carries an assortment of ducks (White Pekin & Khaki Campbell), turkeys (Broad Breasted White & Broad Breasted Bronze) and even guineas (known as excellent watchdogs). Stop in today! We're your one stop farm store for all of your poultry necessities; making your hard earned dollar go further…always.

Still Have Questions? Stop in to your local Family Farm & Home store today. Our associates are more than happy to help answer any and all of your questions. Remember, we're here to serve you and all of your family, farm, and home necessities!